Canine Behavior Training

Canine Behavior Training is a program built where we can work together to provide a convenient, comforting environment where we provide client education and hands-on training to work towards achieving desired client goals for pet behavior.  There are many training programs for you to choose from but why not choose your veterinary clinic where we know your pet and you can be involved?   We are able to provide a safe environment with trusted professionals who have a passion for working with animals. This program will give you, the owner,  a chance at learning to shape and grow alongside your pet. This program will also help you gain the knowledge and tools to you need to help train your pet alongside the trainer while keeping in mind that  there is not one style for every pet. Our tools demonstrate learning about the importance of routine vaccinations and learning how to read your pets body language. This program will cover all the basics so that you can continue to advance along with your pet creating a safe and enjoyable training experience while taking these tools with you.

About the Trainers

Abby, CVA1

Abby completed an internship with us the summer of 2016 to achieve her CVA 1 license. She came back in July 2018 starting as an Animal Care Attendant and after a few months she moved up to a Certified Veterinary Technician position. Abby first started training dogs in high school with a program called “Guide Dogs for the Blind”. In the organization Abby trained dogs with basic commands and how to act well behaved for the visually impaired. She has also worked with owners and their new puppies during her high school courses. While she was involved with these different programs, she discovered her passion for educating owners and fostering a bond between them and their pets.

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